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3 Answers

Why is the https crossed out in red?

Asked by: 311 views Computer Security

When i was going to buy a computer from this website and went to checkout when i was going to put in my info like the address and credit card # the https was red and crossed out does it mean my information is protected or not secure? http://www.cheetahdeals.com/Refurbished-Desktops-s/27.htm

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3 Answers

  1. Tweeter & the MonkeyMan on Mar 09, 2012 reply

    If the HTTPS is crossed out in Red, then your browser does not trust the website.

    The whole ” protected, secure, or not” question is a matter of trust between businesses.
    In order to get HTTPS to work on a website, the admin there needs to get a trusted certificate.
    ( and the admin needs to know what to do with it – many don’t)
    Later, if the “trusted” party that issued or sold the certificate is hacked, then how trusted is that certificate? One of the world’s largest certificate firms was hacked a few months back.

    If you have to ask – generally it is not a good idea to give them any info.
    Like anyone on the street, you wouldn’t just hand money to a stranger – because they say ” you can trust me”. Make them work for your trust.

    I don’t click on links. I don’t know anything about that company. Unless I heard from several people I know.. I would not do business with any company I don’t know.

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  2. Mike S on Mar 09, 2012 reply

    Try and reload the page and if the icon or https is still red….do not order off of it……I see they have a tool free 1-800 number….call it…..The site itself looks very secure., however the website may have been tampered with by an unknown hacker and it’s not safe……best to call them.

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  3. Dunbar Pappy®ϟϟ on Mar 09, 2012 reply

    cheetahdeals.com WoT scorecard: https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/cheetahdeals.com

    Could be that not all items being displayed are from ‘secure’ servers. These are called “3rd party” assets/cookies.
    Turn those off so there’s less problems in general.
    Look in Tools> Options> Privacy> cookies.
    Exact details vary with what browser.

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