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4 Answers

why is it taking so long for a refund from illinois?

Asked by: 1205 views Finance - Taxes

filed 10 am on the 17th
accepted 430 pm the 18th
wmr is releasing my refund on the 1st
checked the illinois state wmr and it says please allow for a week for refund to show, it has been almost 2 weeks

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  • why is my illinois tax refund taking so long

4 Answers

  1. Freda on Jan 29, 2012 reply

    I actually have to file with illinois bc i was a part year resident, however i need some type of pin to file. but when i called the 1800 # to get my pin, the automates system said illinios will not be issuing refunds until the first of Feb.

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  2. Kelly K on Jan 29, 2012 reply

    I was asking almost the same thing.. I did my taxes online on the 18th and they were accepted on thr 19th. I understand the federal taking longer than the state, but still have not received anything from the state yet either. Another person on here says on their website, it states that they wont be releasing any money until early feb

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  3. Mary on Jan 29, 2012 reply

    Normally Fed n State come the same time wmr is releasing my Fund on the 1st n Ill saying in about a week too for me n there is no info to what date everything just mess up this year good luck

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  4. denis on Feb 21, 2012 reply

    i got my fed in the the 3rd and still no word on were my state is i have called the # and there is no info of when i will get my illinois this is making me mad i usualy get my state be for i get my fed i need that money its only 434 i do not under stand what the hell is going on with illinois that is why i do not like to live in this state they suck

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