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6 Answers

Why does my computer keep crashing?

Asked by: 59 views Computer Security

Im trying to make a video on Windows Live Movie Maker, but my computer keeps crashing!!

when I upload a new video to it, it try to trim it, it freezes then goes to a black screen, then it comes back, but it says I have to close and reopen it, so I do that. But then after a little bit, it goes black and a blue screen appears, and my computer has crashed.

Ive been trying to make this video for two days now, but my computer keeps crashing, and its really irking my nerves and seconds away from smashing my laptop. I did have a lot of stuff downloaded to my computer (like movies and music and tv shows) but I deleted them, and permanently deleted them in the recycling bin.

I even reset my computer to two months ago where it wasn’t crashing!! I was even playing my Sims game and it crashed. Can anybody tell me what the problem is??
I really don’t wanna restore the whole thing. Does anybody know what the problem is??

p.s this may be helpful info. :: I do close my computer without shutting down alot. like, I click out of internet or whatever I’m doing and jut close lid. Does this effect anything??

6 Answers

  1. Kyle M on Jul 12, 2012 reply

    probly your computer over heating

    update all your drivers? video driver/audio/ hard drive… ect

    download free anti-malwarebytes, that should remove viruses.
    download Ccleaner , that should help clear future errors.

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  2. pixel on Jul 12, 2012 reply

    You have to shut down your computer, you can’t just leave it on for months or the battery gets bad and slow. You should restore your computer, if you don’t want to delete certain files then put them on a usb.

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  3. Edwin on Jul 12, 2012 reply

    Putting the computer to sleep by closing the lid *should* not make any difference.
    There is a number of potential reasons why your laptop keeps crashing.
    1. Faulty hardware. Your hard disk may be damaged. Run a scandisk.
    2. insufficient memory. Try adding more RAM
    3. Graphical card is shit. Probably not changeable in your laptop.
    4. insufficient hard disk. Maybe the movie is big to the extent your hard disk is close to full. Buy a larger hard disk.

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  4. Sravani on Jul 12, 2012 reply

    It’s better to contact system service provider.

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  5. Rich on Jul 12, 2012 reply

    The first thing you have to do is to identify the cause of crash. Once you are aware of the causes that lead to the crash, it is so easy to fix the problem. Make sure that you have best virus removal software in your system.

    Another reason for computer crashes is the running of unnecessary programs. Identify the programs, some may be hidden, and uninstall them.

    Computer crashes also because of faulty drivers. The drivers that are not in tune with your system can make the computer slow down and crash.

    The most important reason for Computer crashes is the …http://comprehensive-support.blogspot.com/2011/06/windows-7-crash-it-is-easy-to-fix-it.html

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  6. Christopher on Jul 12, 2012 reply

    Maya ^^

    Step 1: When a system crashes, the first thing to do is to reboot the machine.
    Step 2: If the system reboots fine, trace your steps prior to the crash.Majority of system crashes are caused by conflicts and errors in the system registry.
    Step 3: Because the Windows Registry is a complex database of configurations and options associated with all programs installed in the machine including the Operating System, it is virtually difficult to identify potential errors manually. Open the Web browser and connect to the Internet.
    Step 4: Download and install a registry cleaner. Once completely installed, launch the registry cleaner and initiate a registry scan.
    Step 5: The registry cleaner will attempt to fix any problems found in the system registry keys and would usually prompt the user for a preferred action once an encountered error cannot be resolved. Allow the scanning and cleaning to finish and reboot the machine.
    Visit the website http://www.bestcleanerrewiews.com It can help you!

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