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3 Answers

what does it mean when the irs has accepted my income taxes?

Asked by: 911 views Finance - Taxes

I have submitted my taxes electronically through turbo tax and it was accepted. Does that mean I am for sure getting my refund and I am completely done?

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3 Answers

  1. Kristi on Jan 22, 2012 reply

    First part of your question: NO.

    Second part: Yes

    To clarify, it means that the IRS has seen that your return passes the most basic of checks. Now, a human will look it over to make sure there are no errors.

    Where’s My Refund will update within 72 hours letting you know they have it and kick out an anticipated date of your refund.

    Once you get the final date (when it says it HAS been processed, NOT when it says it is being processed) then that is when you know for sure you’re getting your refund and the amount.

    Good luck!

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  2. John Scott on Jan 22, 2012 reply

    It means that return has passed the initial screening and is able to be processed. However, there may be other issues that affect the time it takes to process your refund, although these are typically when you owe other federal debt. You’ll know for sure when “Where’s My Refund” at the IRS web site states specifically that your refund is scheduled to be deposited or mailed.

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  3. amawirepuller on Jan 22, 2012 reply

    No, it means they will check the work against certain criteria and if they find a mistake in their favor they will inform you or schedule you for a full blown audit if they think they can find more mistakes from past taxes. However, most of the time, you will pass and they will schedule your refund. There are also random audits just because. Don;t panic if you do get audited. Sometimes it does come out in your favor. Just not very often.

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