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we have a search engine that keeps popping up, how do we get rid of it?

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There is a search engine app that keeps popping up on our computer, like when we do a Yahoo search; this engine called SEA pops up and it has no option to delete. I have even emailed their help function and got a very confusing list of steps to delete the SEA pop up.
I even got an email for one of there people who said they would call my cell and walk me through getting it to stop…no pone call. Any one know what internet authority I can contact to get these Dummies to take this off my computer. I did not ask for this SEA thing, ever.

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2 Answers

  1. Arnak on Apr 01, 2012 reply


    That is an unusual problem, I can’t find much on the net to do with it.8-((

    Have you got a firewall that you can block that url?

    Can you mail me with the url so I can research the problem please?


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  2. Facy on Apr 01, 2012 reply

    What you can do is delete there plugin in your browser. Methods depend on what browser you use.
    If you don;t keep a track on browser data, then what you can do is simply reinstall your browser. And next time never allow installation wizards to install any toolbar in your browser. These are the ways of marketing used for selling products. This SEA thing has come to your computer either by malware (maybe) or some installer wzards while you were clicking “next” on every step of the installer and forgot to uncheck this. :)

    I hope changing browser setting would do …
    Hope it helped :)

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