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3 Answers

the wheres my refund site only says, we have received your return and it is being processed. no dates. i filed?

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what does it mean when it dont give any kind of date, just says being processed? i filed electronically on jan 17, 2012!

3 Answers

  1. Molly on Feb 03, 2012 reply

    Did the WMR site ever give you a definite DD date? That message usually means your money has been sent to your bank and your info is temporarily out of their system until it updates to show the deposit was sent. Call your bank and see if the deposit is pending and if so, when it will post.

    If you had never gotten a definite DD date, it could still mean the money is on its way, but no way of knowing. Call 800-829-0582 ext 362 to speak with an IRS rep to see what is going on.

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  2. ? on Feb 03, 2012 reply

    I have the same thing posting on mine as well. I filed on the 17th and as of Monday the WMR site said that I should have my refund by January 31, 2012. It didn’t, however, state that it would be direct deposited… just that I would have it (which I thought was strange). I have called the hotline and after waiting for more than an hour I talked to a rep that said she would send a referral and someone would get back to me in 30 days. She said their system showed the 31st still and didn’t know why I hadn’t gotten it.

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  3. JASON on Feb 04, 2012 reply

    This to has happen to me. do anyone know what this means? My tax was accepted on the 18th. WMR has changed so many times. Will i ever get my refund?

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