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Tax return accepted on 17th where my refund (wmr ) says jan 31st. Refund cycle chart different..help?

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I did my tax return through turbotax and it was accepted on the 17th. WMR says I should recieve my refund on the 31st of Jan. Is this the actual date they will deposit it or will it be the friday before ( as far as i know they only deposit on friday). Or has wmr just not updated? Ive tried to find the answer out on my own but there is so much conflicting info. First time ive ever really tried to use wmr and i wish i would have never found it because its driving me nuts lol..thanks for the help

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3 Answers

  1. SumDude on Jan 21, 2012 reply

    the rule book says that it can take the bank up to 5 days to accept and post your refund sent by the IRS, so just check your bank balance every day.

    … and try not to go nuts. The government is good for the $ .

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  2. Liosa Millert on Jan 21, 2012 reply

    The IRS has changed to a system that posts transactions daily rather than weekly. However, some accounts are still processed weekly. Here are some issues that would make it a weekly account:

    1. An ITIN rather than a SSN
    2. Foreign Address
    3. Campus Address
    4. Identity Theft Indicators
    5. Prisoner File
    6. Related MFT 31 Account (i.e, a joint account has been split due to bankruptcy, Offer-In-Compromise, Installment Agreements for only one party, Innocent Spouse)
    7. Criminal Investigation Activity
    8. Civil Penalty Account (MFT 55)
    9. Tax Module History (two years prior) with Criminal Investigation, Exam or Collection Activity.

    A direct deposit should be issued four business days after the tax return posts. Here are examples for a daily account:

    Return is accepted on the 17th and posts on the 18th. The DD would be 4 business days later on the 24th.

    Return is accepted on the 18th and posts on the 19th. The DD would be 4 business days later on the 25th.

    Return is accepted on the 19th and posts on the 20th. The DD would be 4 business days later on the 26th.

    The refund cycle chart is based on weekly processing. Here are some examples for accounts subject to weekly processing:

    Return is accepted between 11 a,m. on the 18th and 11 a.m on the 25th. It is held for posting until the 26th. DD would be 4 business days later on the 1st.

    Here’s a word about “Where’s My Refund.” WMR initially shows a “receive by” date that is the Tuesday following the week that the DD is actually made. Once the return posts, the date is changed to the actual DD date. Since the posting date varies, its possible WMR may be updated after you actually receive the refund!


    Researching the Internal Revenue Manual.

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  3. Sheila on Jan 28, 2012 reply

    Im sorry to burst your bubble…but the refund cycle chart is null and void…the WMR is broken and not updating properly..as I was told by an IRS representative. None of the instruments to check your return are accurate. The above response by L Millert sounds very educated…unfortunately it does not “wash” this tax year because of the problems with the new system and all of the other issues with the IRS. I dont even think the reps know what to tell taxpayers that are calling in…I had to call 3 times before I was able to get a rep that had a clue about what’s going on. Also,,,the WMR locks you out and goes from telling you that your refund was accepted to your information cant be found. Mine says I will receive by Jan. 31. According to the rep…they can see if it is going to be delayed..when you get a rep who cares enough to check.

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