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12 Answers

STILL processing my tax refund?

Asked by: 1809 views Finance - Taxes

Before you all roll your eyes at the thought of yet another “WHERE’S MY REFUND?!?!” question… I’m actually just confused about why my refund is still processing. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the delays…

I’m part of the 2/7 club. I filed Jan. 18th AFTER 11am….

I’ve heard a lot of people have called the IRS and have been given a date of 2/1 (or 2/3) regardless of the WMR saying 2/7… However when i’ve called (twice today) just to see if I’d be given an earlier date, the kind ladies i spoke to told me that mine is still processing… Its at the final stage and there’s no problem or anything but they can’t see if its gonna be an earlier DD date… That’s all they could tell me though.

Does anyone else still have a WMR date of 2/7 but theirs is still processing (or not being given an earlier date like others have?)?

INB4: I’m aware that no amount of whining or complaining is going to make my refund pop into my account.I just wanted to know if anyone else is still seeing what I’m seeing as far as the processing. That’s all. Thank you in advance.
Mrs. Fat: Truth is… You didn’t read this at all. I’m not asking WHEN i’ll receive my refund… i’m asking if anyone else is experiencing a similar processing status.
Yvonne: I also called and spoke to a rep, but she said all she can see is that its still processing. I wonder if I should call again and get someone who can tell me a date other than “i’m not sure. My screen says its still processing.” someone has to know something!
rowlfe: Clearly you and Mrs. Fat don’t know how to read. I’m NOT asking WHEN my refund will be here. AGAIN, I’m asking if anyone is experiencing these processing messages/statuses that i’m getting both from WMR and from an IRS representative.

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12 Answers

  1. Ms Fat on Feb 01, 2012 reply

    The Truth is all you can do is wait.

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  2. ? on Feb 01, 2012 reply


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  3. Yvonne on Feb 01, 2012 reply

    I filed and was accepted on the 19th (evening). I still didn’t have any info on the hotline or WMR on the 24th so I called and was told I “should expect my DD on 2/1 unless there is a processing delay or I owe other taxes (which I don’t).”

    Ever since then, WMR has told me “We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by February 7, 2012.” I call the hotline and it says the same.

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  4. Stacey on Feb 01, 2012 reply

    Mine is still processing, and showing the 2/7 DD. It was also accepted on 1/18 after 11am. I guess IRS updates the WMR website on wenesdays so maybe they will give us more info tomorow. In working at a bank I remember Irsonly making deposits on Fridays so maybe then?

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  5. cash nigga on Feb 01, 2012 reply

    yeah mines got accepted the 21st and its giving me the same notice on wheres my refund as you…… taxact hasn’t even sent a notice and on there i have a ddd of the first so i guess ill find out tomorrow this processing suxs makes everybody anxious your not the only so dont feel bad for asking questions and dont mind rude ass people they just loiter on here everyday to try to ruin someone else life.

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  6. rowlfe on Feb 01, 2012 reply

    Face it… the dates supplied are nothing more than an ESTIMATE based on past performance data in processing of returns. You SHOULD get things by that date, but NO GUARANTEES! There are any number of variables that could cause a delay that are not anyone’s fault. Maybe the place processing your return loses power because of a storm? Or a flood? Or a fire? There is little that is automatic OR guaranteed when it comes to government… Deal with it…

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, or so Aesop said in one of those fables of his…

    I do not see why you think “someone has to know something”. Do you know HOW MANY returns have to be processed? People DO the processing BY HAND and they can only work SO FAST. That includes the data entry to update the STATUS to something other than “still processing”.

    The actual date and time will NOT change because you WANT it to or if you ask often enough! It is what is IS, and your return will be processed in turn along with all the others they have received so far and all they will do if you call is waste processing time telling you the same thing, which is repeating what you already know. Asking if anyone else is getting the same response is simply a disguise for whining directly. You are STILL whining even though you claim NOT to be…

    Asking about this kind of thing is like watching a taped replay of the super bowl and expecting that THIS time the score might change…

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    • ronnie on Mar 13, 2012 reply

      Apparently you have gotten your money but people have a right to whine about their money with your filthy rich self. I advise you dont go on sites where you have nothing to say but negative things because it is probably has not happen to you. So people keep complaining and whining until you get your freakin money!!

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  7. tgranny on Feb 01, 2012 reply

    lorisa, i filed on the 20th….accepted 21st…..since the 23rd the wmr site has been saying will recieved by the 7th…..i spoke with an irs agent both yesterday and today. both told me that i was still in processing…….didn”t want to hear that , but what can i do? hopefully tomorrow morning will bring better news!!!!!! really tired of stressing about it!!!!!!good luck to you and everyone else in the 7th club!!!!!!!!

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  8. Mommato3boys on Feb 01, 2012 reply

    I am going throught the same thing exept for a date to recieve by 1/31/2012 i get the same answers when talking to the reps and that i should have the money in my account by 2/8 anhdif not to call

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  9. Miss Keak on Feb 01, 2012 reply

    no one on here works for the irs. it seems the people from the IRS keep telling everyone a different answer. they dont even know whats going on. thats sad. just wait patiently and it will be there when it gets there.

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  10. MarineMom on Feb 01, 2012 reply

    I feel for you because I was in the 2/7 club for a long time…my return was accepted on 1/18. Then on SUNDAY my status suddenly changed on wmr to a dd of 2/1…whew! Hopefully wmr will update Wed for you and you will get a Feb 3 dd date…I think a lot of 2/7 ers will get a Fri deposit. And I have read today that a lot of people in the 2/7 club still do not have a dd update on wmr as of today (Tues)….just like you. :(

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  11. lanay on Feb 01, 2012 reply

    nope still processing I was accepted 1/22 been processing ever since hopefully get an update tomorrow, I just don’t understand how it takes so long for some people but people that filed after that have there money

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