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Spyware/Virus winrscmde.exe HELP!?

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Norton was telling me that winrscmde.exe was taking up a lot of CPU usage and so I opened task manager and didn’t find it running so I was sort of confused. I scrolled down and found that my webcame (Youcam from HP dv6t) was running or something like it was, so I closed that program, but within 5 seconds my computer shut down and gave me a blue screen. (NOT THE REGULAR CRASH BLUE SCREEN). I manually shut down the laptop, reboot and now it won’t even start up. I tried recovery to an older date, and I saw that something was installed about a month ago (IN FOREIGN, maybe Asian, text) idk what that was cuz I can’t understand it so I tried to recover up to that point because that was as far back as I was allowed. It didn’t work and now I can’t use my laptop, it won’t start up, Idk what that asian program that was installed is, and I never found out what winsrscmde.exe was doing in the first place…

Btw, I have Norton 6.0 (latest version) and idk why it didn’t detect anything wrong…

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1 Answers

  1. Ganja on Mar 13, 2012 reply

    winsrscmde.exe is a fake Svchost.exe and Svchost.exe is a exe that Windows needs to run in order to work. Im not sure what winsrscmde.exe actually is because if it just connected you to a webcam that means that it was a type of spyware and spyware usually just steals info/spies on you without getting caught, not blowing your laptop to shit. Also, not to alarm you but it sounds like someone was watching you through your webcam and if I were you I’d get a cover for it.

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