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5 Answers

Someone hacked my internet?

Asked by: 53 views Computer Security

And it’s the second time. Yesterday I was playing a videogame and my ping (it shows my bar connection) was going up and going down. So I closed it, went to my Router Adress and entered the username and password. When I saw the wireless list, someone “user-TOSH” was there. It’s the second time someone with this name appears! And his status was Active so he was using it. He’s not in my home i deleted it once and he came back, i’m pretty sure it’s an hacker. I Changed the password the first time and it worked no more lag spikes, now i changed again but I typed the max length possible (63 caracters). On the security tab, there’s also “Broadcast SSID” and 3 options on “Allow new devices” –> Allow new devices (automatically), Allow new devices (With registry) and don’t allow any devices. If i put the second or the third option my wireless won’t connect to the internet… What do I have to do to connect to it with registry?
So my questions are:

How can I connect to my internet with “Allow new devices with registry”?
How can I prevent hackers from getting into my internet?

NOTE: If I disable SSID as someone suggested, wireless won’t work so I have to use Cable. Which kinda sucks because i want to be in my bedroom.

Thanks for your attention/help,

5 Answers

  1. Sanity on Jun 19, 2012 reply

    Configure or change the WEP security key for your wireless router that should stop this person from connecting to your wireless.

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  2. Michael on Jun 19, 2012 reply

    hi there!
    here a few tips for a secure connection:

    1. You can hide your Network ID so it doesn’t broadcast. In your case just change your network name and turn off the broadcast.

    2. most routers have an option to only allow certain MAC Addresses to enter your network, so you only have to enter your MAC Address in the router and ONLY you will be able to use the internet.

    I hope to have helped you !

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  3. denismn on Jun 19, 2012 reply

    If you are not useing WPA-WPA2 , then switch to it. WEP is old and easily hackable. As the other user suggested you can also add to your Router to allow only devices with a specified MAC address to connect. To get your Mac address go to CMD (Command Prompt) and tipe: ipconfig /all

    your MAC address is the Physical Address in CMD

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  4. Rohit Raj on Jun 19, 2012 reply

    dear friend, somebody told you wrong about SSID, you can use internet even after hiding your SSID.
    only you have to do is to remember your SSID name and its password.
    after hiding your SSID, when you try to connect your net, it will show “other network” in your wireless devices to connect.
    when you connect the wireless, it will ask the SSID name and after that its password.
    you just enter the both, and your net will be connected.

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  5. Gardner on Jun 19, 2012 reply

    If you are using WEP security try changing it to WPA and then change your password. WEP passwords can be cracked in a matter of minutes. It’s almost never used anymore.

    Also your wireless should work just fine with no SSID being broadcast, you simply have to manually type in the SSID you want to connect to. I do this on my router. Never had any unwanted visitors on it.

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