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2 Answers

Popups asking if my Pc runs slow , how can I remove them?

Asked by: 77 views Computer Security

Two days ago I started seeing a popup at the bottom of the screen saying ‘PC running too slow?’ and now I’m seeing this popup more frequent and also some saying that they need translators etc.
When I click on the popup which says ‘Pc running too slow?’ it leads me to a website where I can download PC Performer. Please help! Thanks

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2 Answers

  1. sophieb on Aug 30, 2012 reply

    do NOT download PC Performer. To get rid of the irritating popups go to TrendMicro Housecall and remove them (get the free virus scan). There are programs to prevent those popups if you choose but it’s not necessary if you clean with Housecall occasionally. If you can’t get rid of the popup then maybe if you do a recovery from the cd you got when you bought your pc. That will remove whatever is bugging your pc and you’d start all over with a clean pc (just remember to remove your pictures and data before you use it).

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  2. DunbarPappy®ϟϟ on Aug 30, 2012 reply

    Try “MalwareBytes” to start cleaning up your system:
    (free version has no “real-time” shield)

    One aspect of using the ‘Net many folks don’t realize is your browser brings back “3rd party” assets, some may be tainted or include ‘tracking cookies’. These follow and report your movements across the ‘Net: then Ad agencies compile your behavior (a profile of you) to then send ads back at you.

    You must modify your browsers ‘automatic’ behavior so it restricts what gets returned, for both security and privacy.

    Get Firefox as your default browser & use it for everyday tasks.
    The following mods help, but methods (“vectors”) are dynamic, and users must stay abreast of daily threats.
    FIREFOX: Tools> Options> Privacy> top drop menu set to “Firefox will use custom settings…”> Check ‘Accept Cookies from sites’
    ►Un-Check ‘Accept 3rd Party cookies’.
    And tick the very top box regarding “Do Not Track”.

    A good collection of effective add-on’s (Official Mozilla) is here:
    AdBlock Plus (with ‘subscription’ added) helps defray rubbish.
    ►► At minimum, get the #1 item for malware prevention: “NoScript”, which constrains automagically fetching & deployment of potentially tainted assets.
    Bookmark and refer to this page for how it works, and how to use it when sites don’t function as you need: http://noscript.net/features#contentblocking

    INTERNET EXPLORER does not handle 3rd party assets very well no matter what settings you have (or anything else) and won’t give nearly the control as Firefox or Chrome.
    It is junk.
    Use to your own detriment.

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