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7 Answers

my avast free antiirus is only for 365 days?

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yesterday i downloaded avast free antivirus and uninstalled my old crappy guardian (as my frieend Simply Red said). now avast is saying that it will expire after 1 year? i am shocked that free antiviruses are ment for more than 5 years like my guardian. please tell any way by which i can extend the expiry date of avast or please tell any other link to download any other free antivirus but it should not be crappy like
avast free- it has only 1 yr. protection
avg free- very less virus detection
quick heal- very very very crappy
guardian- NONSENSE
norton- not a free antivirus
NOD32- It has less detection rates

So, my system details are- visit this website


.onething more-microsoft security essentials is the worst it takes more than 2 hours to update
so, no microsoft sec. essentials
sorry i can’t change my Operating System

7 Answers

  1. Caliban on May 13, 2012 reply

    I use Microsoft Security Essentials; it is free and I have
    never had a problem.
    It also updates automatically.

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  2. Truth on May 13, 2012 reply

    It takes less than a minute to reactivate it every year. They do it so they don’t have non-active computers taking up space in their database. It’s not an issue to reactive, it’s easy.

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  3. Carling on May 13, 2012 reply

    what cloud are you living under, no anti virus runs more than twelve months It is better to let it expire in twelve month and get a new up grade than have one that keeps growing and growing with all the virus data for 5yrs, There are well over 100,000 viruses out now and more turned out very day of the week,

    If you don’t want viruses, then stop using windows, I don’t have any anti virus software running on my computers, I don’t use windows, I use Linux have done for the pasted 6 years, It’s Free, fast, stable and secure and it don’t get viruses either,

    These are five Mac OS/x type Desktops Distribution Now let me tell you these are far better faster than Mac OS/x. Vector Linux is about the best one followed by Dream Linux Check them all out see which you Like the best they are all free to download and use, If you need any help click on my name and send me a message

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  4. Xmetalfanx on May 13, 2012 reply

    Truth is …er …telling the truth … I have not used Avast for “too long” but like Avira, I know Avast automatically renews for another year about a few days or so before the “365″ is up (from your current year) … it has always been like that and I am sure AVG may be the same way too


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  5. Unknow on May 13, 2012 reply

    Yet your boyfriend is addicted to this site lolz,When it expires,You can put 1 year again,It can be re-done,Cuase its free antivirus,I don’t know the avast staff member need to do this every year why they put this setting on there antivirus,Anyways have a good day,Hope it helps

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  6. chiru on May 13, 2012 reply


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  7. chiru on May 13, 2012 reply


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