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5 Answers

Is Uniblue safe? Is SpeedUpMyPc safe? I keep getting conflicting info looking for speed up software.?

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Some posts say it’s a scam and a virus, others tell you to use it. So is Uniblue legit?

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5 Answers

  1. Adam on Mar 07, 2012 reply

    Uniblue is definitely legit. :)

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  2. Nuviman on Mar 07, 2012 reply

    Yes, Uniblue is a legit software publisher and their SpeedUpMyPc is a legit application, as long as you get it from a trusted source (like from the publisher directly or from download.com).

    The program performs various maintenance tasks and tweaks intended to speed up your computer.

    Although, if you ask me (I repair computers on a daily basis), this program has some serious issues, and there are better programs out there.

    My favorite is Auslogics BoostSpeed from here – http://www.auslogics.com/en/software/Boost-Speed/ (CNet rates it higher too by the way). Auslogics is a safe and legit Australian software developer with a good reputation in PC industry. Heck, even Glary is better than Uniblue, in my opinion. But Auslogics is still my first choice.

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  3. Uniblue on Mar 07, 2012 reply

    We can assure you Uniblue is not a virus, we produce utility software designed to optimize the efficiency of your computer. We proudly stand behind our products and offer a 60 day moneyback satisfaction guarantee across our whole software range.

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  4. Eric on Mar 07, 2012 reply

    Yup its safe .

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  5. T J on Mar 07, 2012 reply

    I did try Uniblue at one point, but switched to Auslogics after Uniblue implemented some questionable fixes. I also didn’t like it that my firewall constantly caught Uniblue transferring some data to the server, I just didn’t know what to think of that. I’ve never had any such problem, or any problem at all, with Boostspeed. I did research a lot of software before I picked Auslogics, and found that Boostspeed had the most features out of all similar programs. I have been using it for a while now, as well as recommending it to anyone who asks.

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