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3 Answers

Is PC performer safe or is it spyware?

Asked by: 583 views Computer Security

It keeps popping up on my computer and it says I have 1331 errors. Is it legit and safe or is it spyware/a virus?

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3 Answers

  1. tajmox on Mar 08, 2012 reply

    It’s rogue software. Do not install.
    Use a program like Malware Bytes Anti Malware, or Spybot Search And Destroy to remove this annoyance.
    Also un-install any instance of it from Add/Remove programs in Control Pannel.

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  2. Zach on Mar 08, 2012 reply

    It’s a rogue. It wan’ts you to think your computer is infected and tells you that the only way you can get rid of them is to buy the software. If you’re not tech savvy, your best bet is to do a System Restore, or factory reset – or bring it to a professional.

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  3. seven_up_the_uncola on Mar 08, 2012 reply


    All computers have many errors. If the PC is corrupt, cut to the chase and restore the pc and get back online in a few hours. To secure a computer must haves: Antivirus (Suite) the all in one kind such as Symantec “Internet Security” -or- Kaspersky “Internet Security”. A Router with a very strong password .. check password here > https://www.microsoft.com/security/pc-security/password-checker.aspx . thats all. Extra software is like putting NEWSpaper in the trunk of your car and expect better fuel milage. . To keep the PC clean, use the Disc Cleanup and defragmente once in a while. I restore my PC’s 2-4 times per year and they run great. Only catch is… Duo Core PC’s cannot keep up with the Browsers Data . Quad Core is neccessary these days.

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