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3 Answers

Is ineedfakeid.com a FRAUD site?

Asked by: 349 views Computer Security

Regretfully I feel like a fool now. The site ineedfakeid.com is a FRAUD! First they accept only anonymous forms of payment so there is no way to trace your money .I went through great pain of converting required amount of $ 200 though Liberty Reserve ( if you add the fees its almost $ 250 for $ 200 worth of LR dollars). Once that part was done I filled up online application, uploaded pictures and signature. Then started waiting for response email within 24 Hrs. Well, you guessed it – I never heard from them and there is no way to get my money back. If you think of it- it’s a “perfect crime” since I can’t complain to Better Business Bureau and can’t get my money back. All it takes to setup two sites. First so-called “independent fake ID review site” underground-review.com where you promote your fictitious site ineedfakeid.com. Afterwards setup account with Liberty Reserve that is based in Venezuela. You done – Just wait for suckers donations. One sucker a day is $ 3000 a months, two suckers a day it’s a cool $ 6000 TAX FREE and 100% SAFE! Feds would not care since you not sending any ID out and rest of the suckers should consider it as valuable lesson. Briliant!
P.S. Before taking the bite I Google it. What’s amazing is 0 complaints anywhere!!! I hope my experience will be useful and stop somebody else from being ripped off. Too late for me anyway.
P.P.S. FYI.. Since illegal aliens are entitled to food stamp and medical benefits they have no problem getting those ID’s. Food stamp card has picture, DOB and is federally recognized ID. Ironically, the person I was trying to help did exactly that – filed police report for lost foreign passport, spend couple of days in line to medicaid office in local hospital the few more day in regional Social Security Office. Food stamp card arrived in less than a week. Don’t ask for details or directions. Seems that being tax paying citizen I am ignorant fool twice. But that’s politics and out of scope.

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3 Answers

  1. Scoot on Apr 06, 2012 reply

    Yes it is never to anything realted with that site i promise you.

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  2. Colinc on Apr 06, 2012 reply

    Any such site is going to be dishonest, as they are conspiring to commit fraud by providing a fake ID. And you have given them PHOTOS! What else did you give them? An email or home address is enough to become you and commit other crimes, if they ever trace those will come back to you. Well done! Use your brain in future.

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  3. patriotism and politics dont mix on Apr 06, 2012 reply

    are you an illegal alien that you need fake id? no legal, decent and honest person needs this. You are a crook and you got deceived. Its fair enough

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