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5 Answers

I think theres a virus on my computer but my computer says there is none, HELP?

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Ok every time i am on the internet and google search something about 50% of the time it will redirect me to a different site and on mostly every website i visit it says the sites security certificate is signed using a weak signature algorithm and it asks me if i want to proceed. Also randomly it just opens up another tab for advertisements. Also when i run malware-bytes anti malware program it says i have no virus. Does anyone know what this is?
@yahh thanks i went to internet explorer and i had no problems there so i have to do something with google chrome and as for the advertisements popping up its randomly even when im on facebook or yahoo it just does it

5 Answers

  1. xboi209 on Apr 22, 2012 reply

    Update it

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  2. Kristina on Apr 22, 2012 reply

    Go download AVG free, its just as good as the one you can buy. Scan. If it doesn’t help then download Malwarebytes. Use it to scan. Still doesn’t work, then try Spybot Search and Destroy.

    If none of this works…………Take it to a doctor and begin writing it’s will…..

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  3. Yahh on Apr 22, 2012 reply

    if the problem seems to persist only on google chrome, I don’t think it’s a computer wide virus. Reinstalling Chrome might fix the issue. But if the same thing happens in IE or Firefox, you should probably reinstall your operating system immediately (a complete breach in security). Some sites will randomly open other tabs for advertisements (but never google) so this might be an actual virus targetting Google Chome.

    By the way, most anti-virus program are SHT (Norton, McAfee…), what you want is Microsoft Security Essentials (free and reliable) Unless ur on a Mac in which case you probably don’t have a virus.

    Good Luck.

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  4. Link H on Apr 22, 2012 reply

    You might have a DNS changer, not exactly a virus but still malware. Read the news item below and follow instruction to learn how to detect and remove it, or go directly to the detection page at http://www.dcwg.org.

    Good luck.

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  5. graz5858 on Apr 22, 2012 reply

    i don t care about people say Norton is a worst program,the truth is that Norton is at moment the best AV on the market,since 2 years i used it and i never had viruses or other problems in my computer.i have a portable pc and Norton 360 don t slow down the OS.Anyway i don t think your computer has a virus,the problem is inside google and the other browsers.

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