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7 Answers

i have a virus on my computer.. i need to take it off HELP!!!!?

Asked by: 94 views Computer Security

i cant get logged in and it comes up with start up repairs help?? can i get it off my self???
it does not let me go into safe mode it says windows fail to start and only gives me an option of lunch start up repairs and start windows normally

7 Answers

  1. Aaron on Apr 23, 2012 reply

    Go to malwarebytes.com, download the free version and run the scan. It should detect anything wrong with your computer, do it now before it figures out how to keep you off the internet.

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  2. Justin on Apr 23, 2012 reply

    No you can’t you must ask a professional like Geek Squad from Best Buy they will take it off for you but it is expensive so you might just want to buy a new computer.

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  3. chirag palesha on Apr 23, 2012 reply

    just repair ur bootmanager

    if its windows 7 u can do it



    n then download antivirus software ….



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  4. paul on Apr 23, 2012 reply

    try booting into safemode. if safemode fails then it has infected your OS folder and there is little to no hope in saving your computer.

    the best you can do is take it to a shop, have them save your data like documents, pictures, etc. and reinstall windows or what ever OS you have.

    or you can do it yourself and make a bootable USB flash drive with an older version of windows or Linux on it.
    then get another flash drive and paste your pics and documents and such on to it.

    by the way Aaron. how the heck can he get malwarebytes if he cant log into his computer? even if he does get it, he cant run it BECAUSE HE CANT LOG IN!

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  5. Sara on Apr 23, 2012 reply

    You’ll need to restart the computer in safe mode with networking.

    Hit restart and while the computer is booting up press F8 a few times. It will ask you how you want to process. Select safemode with networking (means you can access internet)

    Now in safemode get online and download a program called rkill

    that program stops processes from running. Good programs and bad ones.

    Then run your virus program. If it tells you that you have a virus that can’t be removed – go to google and google the virus. Norton sometimes releases free removal programs for certain virus’.

    Download tdsskiller – just google it. It is free and I would run it directly after you run rkill.

    Download malwarbytes – it is free. Just google it.

    Spybot search and destroy the free version.

    I got a virus called trojanzeroaccess off my sons computer but I had to also get a free removal tool from norton – and it only worked after I ran tdsskiller. You can’t run the program from norton in safemode – so as soon as you can boot up properly – run the program.

    If you don’t have networking while in safemode – you are kind of screwed unless you can use another computer to burn those programs to it and bring it to your infected computer.

    Good luck:)

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  6. Anjesh Kafle on Apr 23, 2012 reply

    Yes of course. Unless your computer stops booting, there is always a solution.
    Viruses typically attack your os files. There is gonna be no solution except to change your os. If you have critical files on the windows installation drive, plug your hard drive to another pc and backup them. Format it and install fresh windows copy. Do not open the other drives. Download and install avast antivirus from avast.com. Run a full scan and you are done.
    Remember,.never keep critical files on the windows installation drive.

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  7. Bobby on Apr 24, 2012 reply

    when your computer starts up, start tapping the F8 key, and another menu will come up, scroll down to safe mode and run AVG anti virus it’s has a free edition, or if you cant’ run that then run a file check by right clicking on your hard drive, then click on tools, you’ll see it there. if all this doesn’t work then take the battery out, for an hour and try and restart, the battery looks like a quarter, if you have a desktop, and if you have a laptop, you may not be able to get to it, some you can others you can not.

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