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3 Answers

How to remove FBI money/pac Virus Without downloading anything?

Asked by: 5154 views Computer Security

I have been locked out of my computer because of this virus. But somehow i manage to open Firefox and still be able to use the computer without the lock on for now. I need to find out how to remove this virus program. I am running Malaware and spybot but i know this will not stop it. I cannot download anything because i don’t have the abilities to download. This just happened and i need to know if there is a way to remove it without downloading any removal tools.

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3 Answers

  1. Brian on Jun 27, 2012 reply

    go to a different computer and plug in a flash drive, download and put malware bytes and avast into your flash drive. save it and take your flash drive to infected computer. install both and use both to scan for viruses and remove them. there problem solved without having to download anything on the infected computer

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  2. Mark on Jun 27, 2012 reply

    run kaspersky virus removal tool or dr.web cureit . both are free or just join and post on majorgeeks forum . is also free

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