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6 Answers

How to remove “ads not by this site” in Firefox.?

Asked by: 669 views Computer Security

Before upgrading to Firefox 11, I noticed big flashy banner ads across the top of my browser. I then installed “Adblockplus” and it blocked the ads, but there’s a big gray space still there as if it is designated for the ad banner. I used malwarebytes, Kaspersky Internet Security Scan, Spyware Doctor, and it is still there. I turned off adblock plus, and ads come back, I turn adblock plus On, it blocks, but I still see “ads not by this site” in that gray area for banner (not supposed to be there).

So does anyone knowHow the hell can I get rid of this browser hijacker? I even tried uninstalling Firefox completely with an uninstaller like Revo uninstaller to see if it gets rid of it. And then I didn’t use firefox for 2 months. I then recently installed Firefox 11, and I still have the same problem. I don’t know what it is, but at first my browser home page was hijacked by conduit search. I got rid of that, but I believe there is still left adware of this because recently, I just got a new problem called “Download N’ Save” Coupon scheme telling me a new way to save money, this appeared on my Ebay page now and don’t see it any other browser except FireSux.

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6 Answers

  1. Blue on Apr 25, 2012 reply

    In most cases i’d say reinstall firefox and your ad-ons, but considering you already did that, just install and use Google chrome (Windows) or Safari(OS X)

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  2. Emmy on Apr 25, 2012 reply

    Your computer is infected with malware. That’s not Firefox’s fault, it’s yours. Give Malwarebytes a try and look up information on your particular infection to see how to actually get rid of it.

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  3. Anne on Apr 25, 2012 reply

    You had better have an antivirus software on your PC.

    Anvi Smart Defender can proactively remind you this kind of serious thing.


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  4. Sravani on Apr 25, 2012 reply

    Any adverts you see will not be from or because of a Firefox update.

    Have you got ask.com software installed, could that be part of the problem ?
    see also Uninstalling toolbars
    and if necessary Cannot uninstall an add-on

    Consider installing some sort of ad blocker https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/search/?q=ad+blocker&appver=11.0

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  5. DunbarPappy®ϟϟ on Apr 25, 2012 reply

    Try “MalwareBytes” to start cleaning up your system:
    (free version has no “real-time” shield)

    See if this won’t help:
    Right click the Adblock Plus icon> Filter Pref’s> Custom filter tab> Element hiding rules> tick “Enabled”> Close.
    Then right click the offending block, and see what options ABP has for that. Select the most appropriate action. Mine has been the bottom checkbox, but yours may be different.

    I don’t think it’s a hijacker or malware; it’s just the space that’s been allocated from the html source, likely 3rd party.

    Do you also have these mod’s?
    FIREFOX: Tools> Options> Privacy> top drop menu set to “Firefox will use custom settings…”> Check ‘Accept Cookies from sites’
    ►Un-Check ‘Accept 3rd Party cookies’.

    ►►”NoScript” add-on, which constrains automagically fetching & deployment of potentially tainted assets.
    [Bookmark and refer to this page for how it works, and how to use it…very straight forward; http://noscript.net/features#contentblocking

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