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3 Answers

How to get this off my computer?

Asked by: 157 views Computer Security

I recently downloaded the avatar game “IMVU” I’m freaking out because I found out that it has viruses and malware! I already put it in my recycling bin and cleared my recycling bin out and deleted IMVU but i know you can restore things from your recycling bin. How do you PERMANENTLY delete this game forever? ( i know you can never delete something forever on your computer and there is always a way to find things that you deleted) but still i want everything gone any viruses the whole game gone. Did i do everything i could or is there one step further i can do?

3 Answers

  1. Matt on Apr 14, 2012 reply

    Download Piriform ccCleaner http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner it’ll remove the core program then you can use it to remove all trace of the offending program from the registry. Thats all you need to do, once it is out of the registry you are safe.

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  2. Computer Technician on Apr 14, 2012 reply

    Go to your control panel ♦ programs and features and see if it’s
    there. If it is then remove it.
    Also run a scan with your Anti-virus and Anti-spyware programs.
    If you delete the icon it don’t delete the program. It only deletes
    the icon shortcut.

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  3. Bart on Apr 14, 2012 reply

    Try to do a system restore to a point before you downloaded the avatar game.

    Putting ‘software’ just like that in the recycle bin does not de-install. I suggest that you put it back and use a decent de-installer like ‘revo uninstaller’ (the free edition is good enough).
    While running Revo uninstaller, deconnect from the Internet (just to make sure that malware is not using a backdoor).
    Then check with every malware, spyware, … scanner available.

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