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3 Answers

How to get AVG off of my homepage?

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I don’t know when I downloaded AVG, but it suddenly appeared on my computer the other day, and now it’s on my homepage AND WON’T GET OFF. My browser is Chrome, I’ve already uninstalled the program in Control Panel, and Chrome says my homepage is Google. So why is AVG still my homepage, and how do I get it off?!

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3 Answers

  1. Jim on Jun 01, 2012 reply


    The AVG home page is associated with the program but not part of the program so when you uninstall the program the homepage stays the same. You need to click on the wrench icon located at the upper right of chrome and go to settings, then under stat up click on open a specific page or set of pages and then click on set pages and put in the right URL for the home page you want.

    Hope this helps,

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  2. Nikesh on Jun 01, 2012 reply

    AVG may have been bundled in with other software you may have installed-this is very common. Firstly you should run the AVG removal tool to completely wipe out AVG, once you have done that then you go into the Google Chrome settings (click on the wrench in top right corner) and select settings. There you should check the homepages lists and see what appears there change it to your preference and hopefull AVG homepage shouldn’t be there if it is delete it.

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  3. Pall Mall on Jun 01, 2012 reply

    uninstall avg all together and use something else and next time read all the boixes before you click on them are u install everything they give !!!!!
    read before you click !!!!!!

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