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How to delete isearch.claro-search hijacker?

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I downloaded another program and it was an optional installation for this browser. I never accept them, but this one got installed even after I chose not to. I haven’t had any problems so far, no pop-ups, I don’t get redirected to the sites I wasn’t looking for, but I still want to get rid of it, and I don’t know how. There’s a bunch of manual removal tutorials, but none of them says which files to remove exactly, and I’m not an expert in this. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m using FF and have deleted every search engine form my search bar (next to the address bar) except google, so now I use only that, I don’t use my homepage which is constantly being changed to isearch.claro-search.com. Are there yet any automatic removal programs, or any detailed manual tutorials, I can’t afford an expert to do this for me, and I don’t want to mess up my laptop.

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1 Answers

  1. Eddy on Aug 15, 2012 reply

    Isearch.claro-search.com is a browser hijacker virus that can redirect users’ search results to Isearch.claro-search.com page. It is a tricky virus and no antivirus can handle it. After computer gets infected with this browser hijacker virus, it changes homepage on the browser. Every time user searches on safe websites, it pops up lots of annoying advertisement and spam information, which may bring false information to user and cheat him into purchasing false products or providing his personal financial data. The appearance of it looks like a safe and legal page. In fact, it contains numerous Trojan, rootkit and other malicious virus. It comes bundled with lots of spyware and adware that install themselves into user’s system deeply and hard to uninstall. This virus always keeps the tail of users’ search results then sends data to remote hackers, and then hackers will try to steal personal information such as passwords, credit card, bank account data etc. What’s worse, the antivirus cannot delete or even cannot find out this virus. It definitely changes your registry settings and other important windows system files, which causes users’ computer crash.

    If you failed to remove Isearch.claro-search.com, please consult YooCare certified professionals to remove it completely.

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