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6 Answers

How do I stop unwanted (ads) pages from opening in a new window?

Asked by: 84 views Computer Security

I’ve run AVG–Malwarebytes–SuperAntiSpyware–CCleaner–in normal AND safe mode with networking. I’ve even run the antispyware with the ad page still open! Nothing! Pop-up blocker is on and my homepage is set to Yahoo. I got rid of Yahoo toolbar and am using firefox’ latest update.
Am running adblock plus–it’s useless.

6 Answers

  1. Hasnain Gulzar on May 14, 2012 reply

    What internet explorer are you using if it is google chrome i am sure there is a free plugin called adbloack which you can use

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  2. bryond on May 14, 2012 reply

    ok, i understand what you mean. i get the same thing!!!! but the thing is, its because those are just regular programs that companies are throwing out there. as long as u dont click on them, and hit the x at the top right, or left–depends–then u should be fine. lol, i also run the same programs you have

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  3. L S on May 14, 2012 reply

    Are you running the AdBlock Plus add-on? If not, I strongly advise it:

    Very, very, very occasionally it will interfere with a website you’re on. I’ve had to unblock for sites about 3 or 4 times in all the time I’ve been using it and that’s a few years now. In one case, it was simply a slip-up on their part that they blocked the wrong thing for a site.

    Also, you might like to try NoScript – takes some getting used to but it’s REALLY worth it. I’ve stupidly clicked the link to go to a dangerous site one night when I was sleepy and doing a google search but between WOT, AdBlock Plus and NoScript, nothing happened. Info on all of those here:

    If you think it’s malware, scroll up at that Freewebs page and you’ll find information about dealing with malware in the section above.

    Just seen your additional information. AdBlock Plus is far from useless so I think you need to look elsewhere for the cause of this. Malware is definitely the next most likely problem.

    I run Firefox with NoScript, WOT and AdBlock Plus and the Windows firewall and my computer is behind a hardware firewall from our router and I have no trouble with any malware even though I don’t use any other active software for protection, only on-demand scanners which never find anything more exciting than cookies if I forget to flush them before running the scans. AdBlock Plus is part of my security strategy and is one of the first things added to Firefox every time I set up a new installation for me or anyone else. Adverts these days can give you malware, making AdBlock Plus an effective part of your plan.

    Just thought I’d throw in a P.S. to say that I DON’T visit places like Facebook and My Space and I don’t do quizzes or follow any advertising links without checking them out carefully first. I also don’t recommend people not having active security software on their computer unless they are WELL versed in computers and what processes should be running so you’ll recognise a new one instantly. If I did visit Facebook and similar places, I would use active software at all times.

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  4. Rainman on May 14, 2012 reply

    Try Do not track + an Extension for Firefox, IE and Chrome. I use it and do not get any ads or pop ups, it just might work.

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  5. Sly_Old_Mole on May 14, 2012 reply

    If you get two pages opening when you open your browser – right click browser>properties>check home page.

    then check add-ons or run you browser without add-ons & see if it still happens.

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  6. DunbarPappy®ϟϟ on May 15, 2012 reply

    Try “MalwareBytes” to start cleaning up your system:
    (free version has no “real-time” shield)

    The following mods help, but methods (“vectors”) are dynamic, and users must stay abreast of daily threats.
    FIREFOX: Tools> Options> Privacy> top drop menu set to “Firefox will use custom settings…”> Check ‘Accept Cookies from sites’
    ►Un-Check ‘Accept 3rd Party cookies’.
    And tick the very top box regarding “Do Not Track”.

    A good collection of effective add-on’s (Official Mozilla) is here:
    AdBlock Plus (with ‘subscription’ added) & “Better Privacy” also helps defray rubbish.
    ►► At minimum, get the #1 item for malware prevention: “NoScript”, which constrains automagically fetching & deployment of potentially tainted assets.
    [Bookmark and refer to this page for how it works, and how to use it…very straight forward; http://noscript.net/features#contentblocking

    Note that ABP needs a ‘subscription’ for your particular country.
    To maximize the blocking function of ABP:
    On the ABP ‘Stop Sign’ drop arrow> Preferences> Filters> Add filter subscription: from the list of those available, tick whatever filter fits your Firefox settings have as ‘home’ country (US is > Easy List); tick ‘Subscribe’> OK.
    (This list removes the huge top banner ad on these Yahoo pages)

    “Easy List” is one good subscription, and others can be obtained for your particular countries servers (and a few extras for US; EasyPrivacy+EasyList, Malware Domains; AdblockRules.org; Fanboy’s List):
    In ABP > Preferences> Filters> Add filter subscription> “View All Subscriptions” link @ top of window> on the new Firefox window, select those which you’d like to add (on the right) “Subscribe”> check both boxes> OK out.

    The list is long…look for any that will help your browse sessions be ‘cleaner’.

    When fresh ads appear, it means a new way to get around your current ‘blocking’ subscriptions. The inconsiderate bastards who intrude onto your system are constantly advancing their delivery methods, and you must constantly counter-measure those efforts.
    To remedy; right click the offending rubbish> look for the Adblock Plus ‘block’ line, then ‘add’ the “filter rule”> Add filter.
    Periodically “Update subscriptions” ABP from Preferences.

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