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9 Answers

Help! The FBI locked my computer!?

Asked by: 246 views Computer Security

I was watching an episode of Avatar: the last airbender online, and the “FBI” locked my computer and demanded that I pay $ 200. I’ve been reading up on this, and most people say its a scam. However, there are two accounts on my computer: mine, and my mom’s. The virus only seems to affect my account, but her’s is fine (I’m using it right now). If i delete my account, will the problem just go away? Or will the virus take over her account too if mine is gone?

9 Answers

  1. arstart2000 on Oct 03, 2012 reply

    It is a scam for sure. I do not believe it will affect other accounts. Why don’t you use her account to set up a third account. Start using that account and see if it is infected too. I don’t think it will be. If everything goes well you are home free. Just delete the infected account.

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  2. Mike on Oct 03, 2012 reply

    First of all, it’s not the FBI. Your computer has been attacked by MalWare. If you are using Microsoft Do a Ctl-Alt-Delete. This will bring up a screen with choice. Click on “Switch User”. This should open your desktop back up. Run a Scan via your Security software (hopefully you have this) and the Malware will detected and removed. Re-start your computer and do not pay anybody $ 200.

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  3. Wide Glide on Oct 03, 2012 reply

    One of the following will remove it @ Reveton Ransomware

    Removal software;

    Malwarebytes’ Antimalware(FREE)

    HitmanPro(FREE For 30 days)
    First need to reboot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking.
    To do this, turn your computer off and then back on and when you see anything on the screen, immediately start tapping the F8 key on your keyboard. Eventually you will be brought to a menu similar to the one in the pic below
    How to start Windows in Safe Mode

    Then download one/all of the suggested removal tools

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  4. Graham on Oct 03, 2012 reply

    This video shows how to remove it:

    Hope this helps.

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  5. Joe on Oct 03, 2012 reply

    That happened to me too, but it said I watched some illegal porn or something but it was locked too so I started using my second account too so in about week or 2 my second account got banned as well and then my cousin took it computer master and they fixed it somehow. I’m really good at technology and computers so your computer might get banned for different reasons it was scam because I didn’t watch porn and it just did that randomly so you need to fix it, contact technical support, mine was fixed in about less than 3 weeks. Hope This Helped ;D

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  6. elexuas on Oct 03, 2012 reply

    I’m pretty sure its not the FBI

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  7. ~~~*Lara*~~~ on Oct 03, 2012 reply

    do NOT trust it! The FBI are good people and would NOT do this, you can even check their website to be sure.

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  8. Sam S on Oct 03, 2012 reply

    Run a full scan with malwarebytes (free)
    I had this same virus, and got rid of it with malbytes. Close pop up ads! The virus can silently install w/ out notice or permisson, how i got it :/
    Malwarebytes is just a free virus scanner.(mainly malware/trojans )

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  9. Smokies Hiker on Oct 03, 2012 reply

    The FBI doesn’t operate this way. Usually the first contact the FBI ever makes with a person who is in trouble, is when they come knocking on your front door and confiscate your computer(s) and accessories. It’s likely a scam of some type.

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