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2 Answers

Haven’t gotten tax refund. Now they say its under review. What does that mean?

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my return was accepted 2/4 and originally I was expected to receive the refund 2/15. However, they were behind and the date changed to 2/28. Yesterday came and went. So I called today and the gentleman was nice but said it was coded for review and that could take another 7 days. When will this END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 Answers

  1. Yalanda on Feb 29, 2012 reply

    Join the club same thing going on with mine so I was told by the IRS to wait for a letter its been 3 weeks already she said if I dont get it by friday call the IRS back.. but WMR NEVER had an ERROR CODE jus a dd date of 2/28 i filed 2/6 she said I had been in error for 10 days now wth which started with me being in review for what ever reason NOBODY knows why…..

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  2. Tiana on Feb 29, 2012 reply

    When u call they should tell yal the reason of your delay…the reason yours could be in review could be if you aint file taxes in a few years. My brother n law this his first time doing his an was suppose to get 2-28 like me an didnt so he called today when i did an mine will be released once they take out 09′ taxes that i owe back an his is still in processing/review,,whatever cuz this his first time ever filing….hope this lil bit helps….let me no if yal do get yours jus so i have an idea bout mine…even tho tha woman said i should get mines between today an the 5th…who knows seem like everyone is havin problems wit there refunds this year,,,,,

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