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14 Answers

HAS ANYONE that you know gotten their federal tax refund yet???!?!?!?

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I’d like to hear that answer! I put mine in the IRS’s hands by the 17th of this month. They accepted it a few days later. NOW, when i check WMR, i get the DD date of my refund to be sent “within 6 weeks of the received date.” HAHAHA fcking IRS will NEVER get my taxes this early again. I’ll wait two weeks later, and get mine back sooner than if i did them right away. It doesn’t make sense, but it does make sense in a way. The incompetance of that governmental agency is unreal!!!
@The IRS e-file wizard the IRS is a governmental agency that allows the mexicans to slither their cockroach butts across our border and steal people’s social security numbers. They know there are MILLIONS of mexicans out there that don’t belong in this country, and still have fraudulent social security numbers and get tax refunds back EVERY year!! They’re guilty by association!! Kick the illegals out, and stop them from coming back, and we don’t end up with as many problems. The mexican illegals are the biggest group of identity thieves out there! There is NO excuse to allow these sonsofbiyatches in our country when they don’t belong, and are here to reach into our mailboxes while we’re not home and steal anything that has our social security number on it. DON’T make excuses for our incompetant government. PERIOD!

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14 Answers

  1. Shelly on Jan 28, 2012 reply

    No one I know has theirs yet. I was suppose to have mine on 1/25 and did not and still do not.

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  2. Amanda on Jan 28, 2012 reply

    E-file released a statement saying the IRS is experiencing “more delayed refunds than expected”.

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  3. Ms Fat on Jan 28, 2012 reply

    Some ppl have gotten theirs, you must have red flags for them to push your date so far back call them

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  4. Nichole on Jan 28, 2012 reply

    My husband’s co worker filed on the 16th, got his today! We filed on the 17th, HOPEFULLY we’re next in line!!! ^_^

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  5. The IRS e-file Wizard! on Jan 28, 2012 reply

    Unfortunately, you are not alone. A lot of people are going to be receiving late refunds this year. This may be hard to believe, but the cause is actually not IRS incompetence but IRS’ attempts to avoid sending tax refunds to individuals who filed fraudulent tax returns. There are a ton of criminals out there stealing identities and filing tax returns to get at those stolen identities’ tax refunds. I’m no particular friend of IRS, but they are dealing with an extremely difficult challenge in this case.

    For a specific (somewhat obtuse) explanation from IRS, check out the following IRS Quick Alert which was sent on January 26, 2012:

    Subject: Refund Status

    The IRS has opened its filing season successfully this month, and refunds have started going out to many taxpayers. As with the start of any tax season, there are system validations that occur requiring some fine-tuning of our systems. As part of this, some taxpayers will receive refunds approximately one week later than initial projections they may have received, but these are still in line with historical refund delivery times.

    The IRS reminds taxpayers that refund time frames provided by “Where’s My Refund” and tax providers are projected time frames and are subject to revision. Many different factors can affect the timing of the refund after the IRS receives the return for processing. The IRS apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the revised refund dates.

    When the IRS announced the opening of the 2012 filing season, it advised taxpayers who electronically file and select direct deposit that they could see their refunds in as few as 10 days and 90 percent of refunds are provided within 21 days. Some taxpayers are getting refunds much faster, but at this time taxpayers should expect refunds to be issued as indicated in the original IRS guidelines.

    The one-week delay for some refunds relates to fine-tuning IRS systems to adjust for new safeguards put in place this tax season to provide stronger protection against refund fraud. The IRS is providing additional screening for fraud this year before issuing refunds, but the vast majority of taxpayers can still continue to expect to receive their refunds in a timely fashion.

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  6. maria on Jan 28, 2012 reply

    Ive been reading up on this topic for days now… why? because of course I personally havent had my refund deposited either. There is hope at the end of the tunnel I have read quite a few answers of people that even though where delayed like me still have had their refunds finally deposited…. It is really sad we had to find out after we efiled that this whole mess happened about the delay but hey it happens… all we can do is hope and keep checking…. good luck !

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  7. Myself on Jan 28, 2012 reply

    The “irs efile wizard” is correct. The new “fraud filters” put in place by the irs have captured more returns than they thought they would, among other technical issues. The “wizard’”s answer should be posted automatically to all who go to the “tax” section of this site. It would really cut down on the hundreds of “Whats going on” questions! Either that or people might want to research a bit! I found the same Quick Alerts and other sites with more info.

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  8. khandi2569 on Jan 28, 2012 reply

    I hope this helps.. Up until about 3am I had a DD of 1/30. When I checked this morning at 7am it changed to the 6 week message. Well, that was unacceptable. To make a loooooooong story short, I called the IRS, I spoke with a very nice rep by the name if Mrs. Miller, she said, the DD is still 1/30 and doesn’t know why I have that message. By 10:30am, my money was received by SBBT and it was sent to my bank. Now I am just waiting for it to clear at my bank.. So, it’s better if you call the IRS and speak with a live person… Good Luck !

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    • anita on Jan 28, 2012 reply

      Thanks for posting this.I was giving the same message.So I called IRS and spoke with a kind REP.She also told me she don’t know why I got that message.Hoping to see my money in the bank Monday morning.I was giving DD date 1/30.Having seen anything pending this morning.I bank with regions bank,so wish me luck!!!

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  9. Latosha on Jan 28, 2012 reply

    People dont fret I did my brothers and he got it in his account today but wont post til monday but if your processing date does not change from the processing 1/31 you will get will more than likely get the 2/1 dd date i know 25 ppl who have been told this so i hope this helps.

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  10. AneeMae on Jan 29, 2012 reply

    I e-filed & was accepted on 1/17 & haven’t received my direct deposit yet. The WMR kept saying 1/31 so I called the IRS & spoke with a rep. & was told I am scheduled for de on 2/1. Checked WMR this morning and it has updated and now says I am scheduled for dd on 2/1 also.

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  11. Terri on Jan 29, 2012 reply

    I filed my taxes on Jan 26th and was accepted on Jan 27th. My projected date of receipt is Feb 14th. It has usually been in my account 7 days after acceptance. I file the same simple return with EIC for my 15 year old. I am wondering if I might get mine ahead of 2/14 date because they have gotten the software in place and going now. Anyone else filed on 1/26??

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  12. Tim Draper on Feb 03, 2012 reply

    I e-filed on the 18th and was accepted on the 19th. I received an email stating that my direct deposit date would be Feb 7th. It’s never taken this long.

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  13. Andy on Feb 07, 2012 reply

    I filed mine on the 1st got a message before 11:00 am saying they where received and accepted so according to the chart and there first e-mail I should have my DD released the 7th possibly up to the 14th since I e-filed. Today I just got on the WMR website and the date randomly changed to the 21st so I guess your not the only 1! I’ll be back to follow up whenever I get it to show how long it took.

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