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3 Answers

Did the program Express Files try to give me a virus?

Asked by: 250 views Computer Security

The creepiest thing happened on the internet. I uninstalled a program called Express Files because I did not need it anymore. As soon as I uninstalled it though, in a seemingly last ditch effort, an Express Files window popped up and said, “We’re sorry to see you go, but download this game for free!” This was followed by an, “Or,” (and then it pointed to an Express Files search engine below). The creepiest part is that the game the site offered me to download was the exact same one I had been trying to look for over a week. Was this a virus, or just a last ditch effort?

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3 Answers

  1. Alula on Apr 23, 2012 reply

    Sometimes yeah they gave you a signal like that to download the virus but what I know with experience is it’s type of a Trojan Horse which affect your computer processing system and it itself turned into Virus and totally affects your computer! So what I suggest you is just remove the file you said and all it’s content! If there are any left of it Search for it and then delete it! Finally you have to make a Virus scam with a new updated Antivirus because the Virus may not be found with the old antivirus! If there are any Q. You can send me via ‘ alu2get@ gmail.com’
    Good Luck !!!

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  2. Anek on Apr 23, 2012 reply

    We can say that it was virus and also last ditch effort. virus can also open this types of files so it can be virus. And it can be last ditch effort because it may cause due mistake

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  3. Sravani on Apr 23, 2012 reply

    Yes it is possible.

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