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Apple is asking me for security questions but I don’t know them. Help?

Asked by: 380 views Computer Security

I just got the iPad 3 and since it’s new I need to answer the security questions before I make a purchase on it. Same thing for the Mac App Store on my Macbook Air. The bad part is that I don’t remember them! I usually put easy answers so I wont forget but for some reason for this one I forgot! I tried so many easy words/answers but nothing. I go to the Apple website to change the questions but I still need to answer those questions, in order to change them. Sounds dumb huh? Anyways my iPad 3 is untouched ever since I bought it, and for my laptop I just go on Safari, I can’t buy Keynote or Pages. I’ve been thinking about calling Apple but since this problem is a little minor I though the internet can help me haha…

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1 Answers

  1. Nex on Jun 13, 2012 reply

    Try making a new account? If it won’t let you relog on the iPad you can always try just to factory reset it (keep in mind that you’ll lose whatever you installed onto it).

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