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Anyone else having issues with the IRS where’s my refund?

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I filed my taxes and they were accepted on 01/23/2012, and the refund cycle chart says to expect my return around 02/01/2012. I checked the where’s my refund site this morning and it said it is being processed and if there are no delays than to expect it around 02/07/2012 and that is also what the automated phone line says. I checked it again around 12:00pm today and it either can’t find my info or says:
We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund.

It can take up to 3 weeks to process your return. Please wait at least one week before you log-on again to check the status of your refund.

But the phone system is still saying 02/07/2012. I’m freaking out I am needing my return and really hoping there is nothing wrong.

Is anyone else having issues with this? Hoping it is just a glitch in the system.

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  • We are sorry we cannot provide any information about your refund 2012

20 Answers

  1. Demetrice on Jan 28, 2012 reply

    Yes! Im also do to recieve my tax return on 02/01/2012 and i’ve been checking Where’s my refund daily, and this morning when i checked about 12:30 PM it also told me that they could not provide any info about my return. Now that I see im not alone im sure its just a problem with the system. thnks

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  2. Hlleopard on Jan 31, 2012 reply

    Same here. I was starting to freak out. I am happy to see that I am not the only one. Just hoping this means they are going to say my refund was sent the next time it works.

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  3. Jeff Hermansen on Feb 01, 2012 reply

    Me too!!! Woo glad I’m not the only one was STRESSING

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  4. H. on Feb 07, 2012 reply

    Yep, Same issue. I think they have a new system this year and the bugs haven’t been worked out quite yet.

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  5. James Michael on Feb 07, 2012 reply

    My WMR went from accepted to will receive by 2/7 to
    will be mailed on 2/7 to will receive within 6-8 weeks
    to can’t find return to will receive within 6 weeks
    to can’t find my return again. I have no idea what
    is going on.

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  6. wendy eigenbrod on Feb 07, 2012 reply

    I filed my income tax february 1 2012 and the irs site is still saying we can not provide any information on your return it can take up to three weeks the accountant who does my taxes said my deposit should be there February 10 2012 however I am freaking out cause the irs site doesnt even acknowlege they have it . Is any one else going through this.

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  7. ANGELICA on Feb 09, 2012 reply

    The IRS accepted my efile return 1-24-12, after checking the refund status return date it said 2-7-12 then 2-14-12, then it said it was being processed and if i filed a complete and accurate tax return I should expect it within 6 weeks, NOW it says we are sorry we cannot provide any info about your tax return, it can take up to 3 weeks to process, please check back in 1 week????? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON? I AM STARTING TO GET VERY NERVOUS!!! PLEASE HELP!!

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  8. meiam on Feb 09, 2012 reply

    I filed on Feb 1 and wmr dd is 1/21 but the accountant told me the 2/10 also

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    • Gamers on Feb 15, 2012 reply

      have u received ur refund?

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  9. randy otto on Feb 09, 2012 reply

    IRS says via auto phone that my direct deposit took place yesterday… but I have not seen it yet…maybe it will appear in a couple days…most of the issues I am seeing are with Turbo tax..is that true with anybody else on here? did you use TT?

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  10. MAD AS HELL on Feb 09, 2012 reply


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  11. Shanna on Feb 12, 2012 reply

    I am having the same issues. I files with turbo tax too and they said the it’s accepted my refund on 2-3-12 but it is 2-12-12 and still says the cant find it. If anyone calls the it’s with this problem please post what they said was the issue. Thanks.

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  12. floree on Feb 13, 2012 reply

    I am having the same problem and i talk to the irs on Friday and they said it takes up to 21 days to process and i should see or have it by Feb 17, 2012 and i filed Jan 18, 2012… the reason is a system over load and it just kick out my info on Feb 3, 2012…..

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  13. Net on Feb 13, 2012 reply

    I’m having the same issue and I e filed with TaxAct. My return was accepted on 2/2/12 and there is no information on irs WMR yet. WTH

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  14. Moneke on Feb 14, 2012 reply

    I’m haviing the same issue i e filed my return on 2/2/12 and it was accepted im suppose to get my money tomorw but now its telling me i gotta wait 2 more weeks for wuh i dont know & im mad as hell bc if that cycle chart ain right dey need to take the shit off like word

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  15. Gamers on Feb 15, 2012 reply

    I filed on Feb 5, 2012. WMR stated I would get refund on Feb 14, 2012. Today is the 15th no refund, I called the irs and was no told they sent refund on the 4th of Feb, I let him know I filed on the 5th of Feb. He then responded oh so sorry that was 2010. He says that they are still processing my return and you have to wait 3 weeks from the date u received the accepted letter. He also stated the WMR is not correct. This is the first year I had a problem getting my refund. The irs is playing games this year, our info is not going to the wrong system. My sister works for them she stated they are redoing our taxes over there so dont be surprised if ur refund amount is less that what u think u are getting.

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  16. Tammi on Feb 16, 2012 reply

    I spoke with my Tax preparer and she was told by the IRS yesterday 2/15, IRS was implementing a new system this year and with system glitches, processing began to back up severely, so on or about Feb 3rd (which was the day I filed)it starting kicking returns out. So the IRS switched back to the old system and this has put return processing back another 10-21 days. Yes I was anticipating my refund yesterday, however I did make sure I did not put myself in a financial position that if it did not arrive I would not be stressed.

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  17. Brenda Lennen on Feb 17, 2012 reply

    American citizen, taxpayer, veteran, mother, and middle classI have used H and R Block for over 14 years. I am seriously pissed at the IRS, H and R Block and the federal anything at this point. I filed my taxes on 02/07/2010. I was told I would receive a confirmation when the IRS accepted it. I was told it would be 7-10 days to get my federal refund. It was estimated to be the 15th. Now, I am not getting answers, getting the run around and getting the royal bend over treatment from the IRS! I was told several different answers. I called H and R Block because my soon to be exhusband received an email stating that the IRS had received his return and accepted it. Now, this came to him after 2 days. He filed on 02/11/2012. I received no emails, nothing. The IRS http://www.irs.gov website says you can check after 72 hours. There is no information on there. I get different messages each time I login. I even checked and triple checked my information to make sure it was correct. I even called 1-800-829-1954 which is automated and you can check that way as well. I get, “we do nat information on your refund at this time.” “We cannot find your return. It may be in processing.” “we cannot find any information on your return. PLease make sure that all of your information is correct and try back again later.” Then I have even gotten the WMR site is not currently working. Now, I have tried for the past two days. Today being the 17th of February. I called the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 and waited almost 25 minutes to talk with someone after the system hungup on me twice prior to that. The person I talked with was vague and rude and very non-committal considering that part of my tax dollars help pay his salary and for the place he works. I explained the entire situation to him and I got nowhere. I got well if you read our ploicy, it can take up to three weeks….it can take additional time due to the delays…it can take up to 3-4 weeks to get my refund…it is currently in processing and can take up to 3 additional weeks on top of the week I already waited… I even called H and R Block and spoke with a manager and her supervisor for them to tell me some bogus crap about there was a new system that the IRS had installed and it went down around the 7th of the month of February. The IRS supposedly went back to the old programming to get returns done! The people that filed within the new system are seriously delayed and there is no telling when the refunds will be re-processed for direct deposit or otherwise. I told each of the four people I talked to the other person’s answers and no one would take responsibility for anything and the answers were all vague and passing the buck to someone else. I also noticed that there hours went from 7am – 10pm to 7am – 7pm as well. I tried calling my local IRS office and yes each state has one!!! And they wouldn’t answer their phones or messages. I called twice! Now, all I want to know is where is my information, my return that I paid good money to be done is, and when will I actually get a rough estimated date for my money. I work all year and there is not much wiggle room all year. This is the one time a year that I can do some bill catching up and extras for my family. I do not rely on this money, thankfully, but it still would be nice to receive it when I am told and be given an honest answer about my return. We are expected to be honest about our taxes being filed, and you can be sure if they are owed money, that department is working right on task date to get letters out to the unfortunates that may have to pay into taxes for the year!! You can be sure they are getting their money. You can also be sure that the 5% wealthy America and the Congress are getting their money like clockwork as they pass their little bills and tax increases and raise the debt ceiling while we are all looking the other way for our tax return!!!

    Thank you for letting me vent,

    American by birth, citizen by choice, taxpayer, veteran, mother, middle class

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  18. Marc on Feb 20, 2012 reply

    Sign this petition: http://wh.gov/89F

    Let’s get this issue corrected!!

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  19. Janine Harkness on Apr 02, 2012 reply

    My refund started out by the irs not accepting it efile, (which I have done every year). I mailed it on January 30. After three weeks the wmr said i would receive my refund March 20, a week later it said March 27, a week later it went to saying that they have received it and it is being processed.

    I called week and a half ago, talked to a person they said it is being processed and to give it two more weeks, well this is the seccond week and wmr still is not saying a date.

    I’m starting to get a bit desperate. I know if I call they will tell me the same and just tell me to give it two more weeks. This really bites.
    My daughter paper filed hers two weeks after mine and she has received her refund already.

    Does anyone have any idea whats going on?

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