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A virus unremoveable from my PC, HKEY and Partner37.mydomainadvisor.com?

Asked by: 101 views Computer Security

I’ve tried everything the internet has told me. The virus is messing up my web browser and now all I get are backgroundless websites with the links all over the place. I’ve tried deleting the registry keys…somewhat, I wasn’t able to, it wouldn’t let me remove it. I’m using multiple recommended protection programs and they seem to be detecting the virus and when I click “remove” acknowledging to remove them, but it doesn’t go away.And I tried a system restore but it didn’t go through, I read that this virus makes systems restores incapable as well. What can I do? Can someone give me some step by step directions or something?
I did that exact thing last night. Every step flawlessly, and it didn’t work :/

1 Answers

  1. Joyce R on Jun 26, 2012 reply

    Partner37.mydomainadvisor redirect virus is very dangerous since it will redirect you to fake website and destroy your computer. It will also collect your personal information for some illegal activity. You need to remove partner37.mydomainadvisor redirect virus once you get one of above mentioned symptom.

    To remove Partner37.mydomainadvisor redirect virus, please refer to following steps:

    Step1, Reboot your computer into safe mode with networking;
    Step2, Download Anvi Smart Defender and install it;
    Step3, Perform a full scan with Anvi Smart Defender and remove all threats it detects;
    Step4, Restart your computer to completely remove the Partner37.mydomainadvisor redirect virus;

    You can manage to remove Partner37.mydomainadvisor redirect virus by above steps. For some problem in the process of removing Partner37.mydomainadvisor redirect virus, just feel free to contact our technical support. You can post the problem in our official forum to seek help. Sending email directly to support@anvisoft.com is also acceptable.

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